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Power Flushing

Our power flushing service provides instant improvements to your heating system. Power Flushing will lower your energy bills, increase the life span of your central heating system & increase heat output.

Powerflushing In Gillingham, Chatham, Rochester & Strood.

We recommend power flushing a heating system roughly every 3-5 years. Over time your radiators collect a range of deposits that can severely effect the functions of your radiators. These deposits when mixed with water create a think sludge that will block up pipes and parts of your radiators causing them not to heat up correctly. We recommend you regularly power flush your radiators to ensure their life span, reduce energy bills and keep your heating running smoothly throughout.

How to find out if your system urgently requires a power flush:

Cold Areas: Check your radiators for cold areas or spots, this is a sign that a powerflush is required, if you find a radiator doesn’t heat up at all this also is a sign that a powerflush is urgently required.

Noises: If you can hear unusual noises from your radiators or boiler this is a sign an power flush is required, in some cases it can even cause your boiler to cut out.

No Heat:  A room or home should heat up within 30 minutes of you switching the heating on, if after 45 minutes your home or room is still not heated correctly it could be a result of a blocked pipe or large build up of sludge within your radiator.  

Hot / Cold Water: If you’ve noticed your hot water isn’t as hot as usual or it switches between hot and cold then it’s likely you require a power flush.

Please be advised some of these issues may be symptoms of other issues but they tend to be the tell tale sign of sludge build up or a blockage within your heating system.

Why Use Low Plumbing & Heating For Your Power Flushing Needs:

We have top of the range equipment that provides a deep thorough clean to your system. It will remove any blockages and sludge which has collected over time. Once we’ve completed our power flush you will notice instant improvements in your central heating system.

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Setting Up The Power Flushing Machine


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